curveball definition: 1. in the sport of baseball, a throw in which the ball curves as it moves towards the player with…. When a catcher in baseball wants his pitcher to throw a curve ball he puts down two fingers and since taking a shit is commonly referred to as "going number two" this phrase is appicable when you have to poop. The expressions throw a curveball and throw a curve mean to surprise someone, to do, say or want something unexpected.To throw someone a curveball or to throw someone a curve often means to do something that puts them at a disadvantage. Learn more. I’ve come to believe that folks respond in one of three basic ways when life throws a curveball their way. Definition and synonyms of throw someone a curve (ball) from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.. And it will suck. The new round of layoffs really threw me a curveball . A particularly difficult issue, obstacle, or problem. Sooner or later, life will throw you a curveball. curveball phrase. “While I was in Double-A with the Cubs, my roommate got called into the office and was demoted to a Single-A club. Another name for taking a shit. A single person or a group can throw a figurative curve ball, and sometimes the idiom can even be used in other contexts to describe completely random events, although those uses … ‘Sharing your beliefs with like-minded individuals in discussion groups can give you the spiritual grounding you need to cope with whatever curve ball life may throw your way.’ ‘You pride yourself on being ready for every sartorial curveball … ... "I saw him throw a curveball to me a little earlier that kind of floated, ... curse at (someone or something) curse for; curse like a sailor; curse like a trooper; curse out; curse the day (one) was born; He was leading our team in home runs and runs batted in and was the best offensive player we had, but he had to go down a level. This is the British English definition of throw someone a curve (ball).View American English definition of throw someone a curve (ball).. Change your default dictionary to American English. The powers that be had ordained someone … Worrying on the Sidelines? Definition: Say or do something unexpected to someone. Learn more. throw a curveball: [verb - transitive] to give someone something unexpected. Curveball definition is - a slow or moderately fast baseball pitch thrown with spin to make it swerve downward and usually to the left when thrown from the right hand or to the right when thrown from the left hand. What does the idiom “(To Throw Someone a) Curveball” mean? How to use curveball in a sentence. The phrases throw a curveball and throw a curve are derived from the American game of baseball.A curveball … Definition of curveball in the Idioms Dictionary. For example: “The boss really threw me a curveball when he told me I’d have to work throughmy vacation.” Notes: This is also heard as just “throw someone a curve.” When people talk about someone throwing them a curve ball, they are usually discussing some kind of intentional attempt to surprise. Named after the equally tricky baseball pitch. See more words with the same meaning: to take advantage of, cheat, trick . What does curveball expression mean? throw (sb) a curve (ball) definition: 1. to surprise someone with something that is difficult or unpleasant to deal with: 2. to surprise….

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