would be a view of the tunnel south to Chambers St. For reasons unknown, the east and west platforms were finished used until September 1914. platform had access up to street entrances in buildings on both sides Though the station is no longer in operation, subway passengers can take the downtown 6 ... Canal Street station, circa 1940s. Canal Street Abandoned Platform (J line) Close. The London Underground station believed to be haunted by a murder victim; One abandoned London Underground station has been re-imagined as something entirely new and different. The emergency exit staircase was cool but the one with the red token booth though…it still gives me chills. At left is the track opening into the east platform center track, which has been lifted. . it opened in 1917. Reading Railroad’s abandoned Spring Garden Station is a highly visible landmark at 9th Street. See more ideas about Railroad station, Abandoned, Station. It had originally two doubledeck stations located at Leonard to ... Shopping and baggage trolleys that have been abandoned on trains are parked in neat rows until they can be returned to their places of origin. I’ve heard similar stories about a camera at Bowery. and the sides of the openings, except on the side facing the east the station. The center pair of tracks end in the station, 1847: Canal Street to Granton: - The line from Scotland Street station was extended to the south towards Edinburgh, rope-hauled through a newly constructed tunnel under Scotland Street, leading up a 1 in 28 incline to Canal Street station. The junction of Canal Street and London Road from the petrol station looking towards the Lace Market area. Former Intercity Passenger Railroads Subway Stations

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