Through thick and thin, already he has proven that … I am a junior and he is in his 2nd year of college, since he takes morning classes it is convenient for me because I get out of school in the late afternoon so we have a lot of time together. Reason 70: He is the best party person I’ve ever met and he complements me even in this aspect. He loved it and thought it was a really sweet thing to do. You have the smoothest skin. . How you can get me out of a bad mood (even if it’s you who put me in it).33. Also want to point out another thing. I love the way I know you'll never give up on me. Reason 55: He believes in me and trusts all my decisions. Mar 24, 2016 - Find and follow posts tagged 100 reasons why i love you on Tumblr. Girls, there really are men in this world that will treat you right, have the confidence in yourself to not get sucked into a relationshit with men like BIGMAN33. Your ridiculous, angry-looking sex face.69. Going for meals with your parents.89. I love my boyfriend, I love everything about him and he is so sweet and he would do anything to protect me. Love is very complicated, it is like a spell has been cast over you and you want to do nothing but what the spell makes you do, but if the spell breaks, then you wonder why you did anything that the spekl made you do. Reason 50: He knows I’m a bit lost and thus keeps me updated about every thing I should know. Being in love is probably the best feeling in the world and being in love brings some responsibilities on you too. Big an your wrong, although things like staring competitions are not always romantic, when your in love, everything seems romantic. . The words ‘I love you’ can lose their meaning when you are only using them in this way. He is my life and so much more. And I fell for him since day one. Here's how to tell if your partner loves you and a few signs they love you more than you think. I want him to know that I notice all the little efforts he makes and that they mean a lot to me. Sometimes it doesn't feel so real but it is . I want you to pray god for it so your boyfriend can be back ok. Way to go for you guys. I almost gave up and went to my old party ways of not giving a crap about anyone or anything, but he had picked me up and hasn’t let me fall back down since. 10 Reasons Why I Love Gordon Ramsay. Reason 62: He has the ability to comfort me with his mere touch. The look in your eyes before you kiss me. Just being in the same room as my boyfriend makes me feel protected and safe. That you comfort me when I cry for no reason on the phone.44. If someone loves someone else, then when they smell something that smells like them, it can remind them of them. I know I can always count on my boyfriend to have my back. Reason 41: He goes shopping with me and is very patient when I try the things on. You make me feel like I’m enough for you. Whenever we're home he ditches his friends all day every day for me and only hangs out with them when *I* insist that he does. How you talk to my face, not my boobs (most of the time). window._mNHandle = window._mNHandle || {}; That over time, as I look at you, I love you more and more. If you start thinking about your alone time with your boyfriend, I can guarantee you'll think of some great things to write. I Love my boyfriend John, It's impossible to forget about him. How you listen to my opinions and don’t ignore me because I’m a girl.56. Love him for some real shit-- like when he sucks at something-- he can take the truth. The way he makes you smile. When we wrestle.77. Glad with everyone who ever experience love :). And guys, if and when you find a girl whose needs and desires you'd put in front of your own, don't shy away out of fear, embrace it and feel what it's like to truly experience love. When I have to lean over when you have crotch pants.80. How you light up the whole room when you smile.3. I have tried many love spells and had no success. :), woooow bigman get a grip i know one thing you coukdnt know love even if it hit you right in the face. Do you know of more reasons? Reason 54: I love it that he lets me cuddle him even when he is dying because of heat. That you always give me your jacket when I’m cold.58. ?does he really loves me back?? Reason 71: His behavior is just the same with me even when he is with his friends. (Really Touch wood! lol, I'm writing a version of my own now for mine & my boyfriends 3 month anniversary, which is still a while away but who cares. I'm happy I have him in my life. How you let me watch what I want: Moulin Rouge, Sex and the City, Supernanny, etc.74. Bigmann33,if you can say nothing about, just b quiet ! and bigmann33 keep harshful opinions to yourself, why did you even come on this site? Aww that was so romantic yes lady's if u have that,hold on to him good men r hard to find!! Reason 86: He kisses me and says goodbye whenever I’m asleep in the morning. I don't know you but I feel lucky for people like us; happy in love. Reason 92: We have thousand topics to talk on day and night. Or that when YOU suck at sommthing...he tells you. How you cope with my stresses.52. Has your partner's positive attitude saved you on some of your crappiest days? If you actually read this post, not everything is "rainbows and butterflies." 81. The cute face you make when you're trying to take off my bra.62. A couple of weeks ago, it was my boyfriends birthday. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. you should find where he is and tell him how much you love him and show him you just want him too show you all his attention keep going for your man girl . im doing this for my one year anniversary. I am the luckiest girl to call him mine because he is loyal, committed, and dedicated to this relationship and I want to call him my husband one day in the near future. If you are lucky to find him, tell him how happy you are as often as possible! 97. SUNBEAM!73.

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